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A New Therapeutic Approach To The Management Of Atrial Fibrillation

EXPERT COMMENTARY, 19 November 2009
doi: 10.5083/ejcm.20424884.04 , Cite or Link Using DOI
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Paul Dorian

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a common disorder that causes important morbidity, increases healthcare consumption and increases the risk of mortality. Most clinical research studies have tended to consider the electrocardiographic outcomes as the primary measures of therapeutic effectiveness in patients with AF.

A new approach to AF with less focus on the electrocardiogram, and greater focus on patient well-being and morbid outcomes can be considered. In this approach, much less emphasis is placed on the prevailing electrocardiographically documented rhythm, and patients do not necessarily have to have repeated ECGs in order to assess therapeutic effectiveness.

Occasional recurrences of AF are not considered as evidence of “therapeutic failure”, and the desired endpoint is much more related to patient well-being, as opposed to the presence or absence of AF.

Paul Dorian, MD, Professor of Medicine, Director, Division of Cardiology, University of Tor onto St. Michael’s Hospital30 Bond St., room 6-050 Queen Wing, Toronto. On. M5B 1W8.


atrial fibrillation, patient-focused approach, dronedarone, rate, rhythm or symptom control