An interesting and rare case of dextrocardia: Asymptomatic Left Atrial Aneurysm in an Adult

CASE REPORT, August 2015, VOL IV ISSUE I, ISSN 2042-4884
10.5083/ejcm.20424884.139 , Cite or Link Using DOI
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Sravan Reddy, Ashwal A J, Padmakumar R , Rohith Reddy MD, Sudhakar Rao MD


Asymptomatic congenital intrapericardial aneurysm are extremely rare. This anomaly is usually present in second to fourth decade of life. They are usually associated with arrhythmias, embolic manifestations and heart failure. Here we present a case of LA aneurysm manifested asymptomatically. We present a 37 year old male referred to our department for pre-operative evaluation. He was diagnosed to have dextrocardia, the evaluation of which led to the diagnosis of congenital left atrial aneurysm as the cause.